The Harlem Crowns
The Game
The Harlem Crowns play a regulation four-quarter game against any opposing team furnished by the sponsor. Examples: Sponsor's team, local celebrities (newscasters, sportscasters, coaches teams, faculty teams, any local team). Officials are also arranged by the sponsor and enforce all rules. The local team can play at its best with no strings attached.
The Crowns combine razzle-dazzle ball handling, precision pass-patterns, trick shooting and comedy to give the crowd a great evening of fun for all. The Crowns in no way want to make anyone on the opposing team look bad and have respect for all who play against them.


World Traveling Basketball Game
Great Entertainment ...
Great Fundraising ...
... A Basketball Show for Everyone!

How To Sponsor a Game (It's Easy!)

  • First, arrange a definite date.
  • Book the gymnasium.
  • Form a committee to work on ticket sales and promotion.
  • Also form a committee to work on the program.
  • Put your team together.
  • The Harlem Crowns will help all the way. Call at any time. A good team effort will bring great results and besides a great evening of family entertainment, your organization will raise ample funds.

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Financial Arrangement
The Harlem Crowns play on a minimum guarantee/percentage basis. Therefore, simply promote the show well and you can't help but make money.

Sponsor will provide: An opposing team, referees, scorer, timekeeper, advertisement for the game, ticket sales and dressing rooms.

Harlem Crowns will provide: Posters, publicity materials, press kit with photos for newspapers and guidance for the best results.
History of the Crowns
The fabulous Harlem Crowns Basketball Team was organized by Charles Smith, a former member of the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters for 12 years. He organized the Crowns in the late 50's and after many years of success he sold his franchise to a group of Northern California businessmen. The Crowns will play a total of 150 games this year in the United States, Canada and Asia.

Now scheduling dates for the coming season.
Canada, Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota, California, Minnesota, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma

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